Brain Abundance Review

The Brain abundance review

The Brain Abundance Business and Product is Breaking Records


Brain Abundance Compensation Plan

With a commitment to providing our Customers and Independent Business Owners the best products and opportunity available, our Compensation Plan fits perfectly into that vision. Designed to help you build your brain abundance business fast and for the long term, the Brain Abundance compensation plan is one of the most aggressive in the industry and here is why.

Brain Abundance Powerline Bonus

Brain Abundance Powerline Bonus – One of the most powerful parts of our Brain Abundance Powerline driven system is your ability to earn income on the first three people below who have at least 50BV in personal volume, just by locking in your position. The brain abundance Powerline Bonus is paid out one time and is paid out weekly.

Brain Abundance Fast Start Commissions with Infinity Coded Overrides

The Brain Abundance Fast Start Commissions with Infinity Coded Overrides – For each new person you introduce to Brain Abundance, you will earn between $25 and $75 on their initial product order. PLUS, with 6 generations of Coded Overrides based on rank, you can earn up to $10.50 on the first order of everyone in your entire team. There is no limit as to how many people you can enroll or how much you can earn in Fast Start and Coded Overrides.

Brain Abundance Accelerated Binary Commissions

Brain Abundance has the industry’s FIRST and ONLY Accelerated Binary Compensation Plan, this very aggressive version of one of the most popular compensation plans in the industry combining a super high payout with the easiest qualifiers anywhere. As exciting as the PowerStart Bonuses and Coded Overrides are that are paid out on all member’s first month’s order, starting the second month, the Brain Abundance Accelerated Binary kicks in which is even BIGGER.

When you lock in your position in Brain Abundance, you are given your own business center which will track all members in your team. Your business center has two teams: a Left Team and a Right Team. To qualify to earn monthly Accelerated Binary commissions, all you need to do is enroll at least one member on your Left Team and one member on your Right Team. (2 total members.)

Once you do that, you are qualified for life to earn commissions each month! From that point forward, you will earn a commission check of $20 each time there is just 50 BV (1 order) on your left leg and 50 BV (1 order) on your right leg…regardless of who enrolled them! Each time you have another 50BV on each leg, YOU get another $20!

New members in your teams can be placed by any of your Team Members below you, or by any team members ABOVE you in the Binary. This is called spillover and it happens FAST. All new members count equally and globally to unlimited depth…and with our state-of-the-art Powerline system, you may ALREADY have members signed up under you RIGHT NOW!

In the event that there is unused volume, (Example: You had 200 people in your left leg and 160 in your right, and earned 160x$20 = $3200, there are still 40 people in your left leg that you didn’t get paid on yet), ALL of that volume will carry over to be used next month – No Flushing!

Brain Abundance Rank Achievement Bonuses

Rank achievement bonuses are one time bonuses paid out with the monthly commissions of your third month of qualification. Bonuses can overlap and/or be paid the same month. For example, if you achieve Platinum in February and Diamond in March (before you even received your Platinum bonus), assuming you maintain qualification, you would receive your Platinum bonus with April monthly commissions and your Diamond bonus the next month with May monthly commissions.

These Bonuses are in increments of: $1000, $5,000, $25,000, $100,000 and $131,000.

As a member, you will also have access to our facebook group page and skype group where you get all your questions answered, the best marketing help and training you will ever need.

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The Brain abundance review

Brain Abundance Review