How To Use Facebook Fan Pages For Business

How To Use Facebook Fan Pages For Your Business

Facebook is the preeminent social networking site on the internet. It is geared toward individuals who create and upload profiles, then interact with other individuals who share similar interests. However, more and more businesses are finding it to be a valuable resource for attracting visitors to their websites. Here, we are going to take a look at using Facebook fan pages for your business.

Businesses are not allowed to create profiles on Facebook. However, they may create what are viral marketingknown as fan pages that function in much the same fashion. Here, they may post information about their company, their products or services, or any other type of content they think visitors to their pages would be interested in. This may include a link to their corporate website, email address, etc.

Today, a large number of businesses include a request that people friend them on Facebook and follow their fan page in their advertising media rather than including their website URL. Of course, the secret to success here is including content on their fan pages that people will find interesting and/or useful. This is a social media outlet where interaction with friends and fans is critical to success. This means that someone will need to monitor the page and interact with fans on a regular basis.

The Advantage Of Facebook Fan Pages For Business

The advantage is that this interaction on a social level makes a brand seem more friendly and accessible. This tends to make more people Like their page, leading to more traffic to their website. It provides many opportunities for companies to reach targeted prospects that have already shown interest in the product and/or service offered by the business.

One thing that one must be aware of is that only official representatives of a given business are allowed to create fan pages. Steps will be taken by Facebook to ensure the identity of the representative before any pages will be published.

Successful Methods Using Facebook Fan Pages

One of the most successful methods being used by businesses is allowing fans to post content on their wall. Comments can be moderated by the page administrator to ensure that content is kept to acceptable standards. In addition, many businesses find that allowing users to post photos to their fan pages creates a sense of good will and encourages fans to share this page with their friends.

One good example of this is Graco. This company manufactures a range of products for infants. They post photos of their products on their fan pages. They also allow users to post photos of their babies using the Graco products to their pages. This generates a large amount of content that users will find interesting and worth sharing.

How To Post Content Using Facebook Fan Pages

While Facebook does not support sending private messages to individual users, one can post content and make it viewable to only certain groups of fans based on interests or locations. This allows them to offer unique specials to targeted groups so that they can track the success of their marketing success using this form of social media. Using Facebook fan pages for your business is one form of advertising that is free, yet incredibly valuable.

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